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Our vision and mission


The vision of College of Engineering is to have the excellence and leadership in engineering education and scientific research in Iraq and the region, and fostering its outcomes to satisfy the demands of technical development.


Preparing distinguished engineering cadres capable of using engineering knowledge in the field of engineering applications according to scientific foundations and producing sober scientific research that provides solutions to engineering problems that facing various sectors in addition to providing services to the community and deepening communication with the labor market to develop engineering education methods and curricula according to the labor market need.

Intrinsic values of the Faculty of Engineering:

According to commitment of the university’s values, the faculty of Engineering believes in the following values:
A- Belonging to the homeland.
B- Leadership and creativity.
T- Working as a team
D- Integrity, transparency, and confrontation corruption wherever it exists.
C- Justice and equality.


A- Continuously develop engineering education and make the labor market the main criterion in developing curricula to suit the labor market’s need.
B- Providing the various sectors with distinguished engineering cadres that possess science and knowledge in accordance with local and international standards.
C- Developing the scientific capabilities of alumni and enhancing their skills in the field of analyzing engineering problems and developing effective solutions to them by enhancing their abilities in using advanced technology and specialized computer programs.
D – Continuously developing the capabilities of teaching staff by encouraging their enrollment in foreign scholarship programs and development courses in reputable international universities and advanced research centers.
E- Striving to obtain local and international academic accreditation and applying these standards to improve the quality of engineering education to the best level.
F- Encouraging applied research that studied and discusses the society problems and analyze them to develop scientific solutions for these problems according to approved engineering foundations.
G- Implementing leadership programs in the labor market and striving to provide job opportunities for alumni through continuous communication with the labor market.
H- Providing services to the community through cooperation with its various sectors, providing consulting services, and holding dialogue seminars and workshops that discuss community problems and develop effective solutions to them.



The faculty of Engineering has been established in 1993. It grants bachelor science degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Engineering and Water Resources Engineering. Thereby, the high studies are constituted in 1999-2000. On the other hand, the faculty of engineering building is located in University of Kufa City which is located in Najaf state.
v Knowledge exchange with the world through scientific research.
v Building strong relations with industry to improve the engineering profession.
v Improve the society welfare through engineering services.