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Our vision and mission


The vision of College of Engineering is to have the excellence and leadership in engineering education and scientific research in Iraq and the region, and fostering its outcomes to satisfy the demands of technical development.


The mission of College of Engineering is to provide education, research and service in a scholarly environment in a way that:
– prepare students to be qualified engineers for industry,
– enrich the engineering knowledge with scientific researches, and
– improving people s welfare through engineering services.


v Excellence in engineering education through application of quality assurance and accreditation standards.
v Continuous professional development of faculty and staff.
v Preparing spacing for laboratories and lecture halls and other academic facilities, especially which used in new learning methods.
v Updating laboratories equipment.
v Graduating students with the following attributes:
– Ability to use engineering sciences in identifying and solving engineering problems.
– Ability to plan and conduct experiments and interpret their results.
– Ability to work in teams and having communication skills.
– Understanding the ethical responsibility.
v Encouraging scientific research, especially these solving community problems.


The faculty of Engineering has been established in 1993. It grants bachelor science degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Engineering and Water Resources Engineering. Thereby, the high studies are constituted in 1999-2000. On the other hand, the faculty of engineering building is located in University of Kufa City which is located in Najaf state.
v Knowledge exchange with the world through scientific research.
v Building strong relations with industry to improve the engineering profession.
v Improve the society welfare through engineering services.