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Dean’s word

In the Name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful. Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and the owner of the Reign. The reign which is created, started, continued and return to his majesty. And his prayers and peace be upon Mohammed and his family, and all those who are guided and pious.
The Deanery of the Faculty of Engineering welcomes new students admitted to the faculty for the academic year 2022/2023 within its eight departments (civil engineering – mechanical engineering – electrical engineering – materials engineering – water resources and structures engineering – electronics and telecommunications engineering – chemical engineering – architecture engineering) and wishes them continued success as they begin their earnest endeavor to receive engineering sciences, each according to their specialization, at the hands of competent professors with advanced scientific and research capabilities who are able to deliver their students to the fields of knowledge that pertain to their engineering specializations.
By the grace of God, the Faculty of Engineering was established in 1993 to be among the leading faculties of the University of Kufa and to start accepting students in 1993-1994 in the Department of Civil Engineering, and then the rest of the engineering departments were initiated, which are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering, water resources and structures engineering, electronics and Telecommunications engineering, chemical engineering and architecture engineering reaching, currently, to eight engineering departments. The faculty includes two engineering additional branches: the medical materials branch within the materials engineering department, and the air conditioning and refrigeration branch within the mechanical engineering department. The faculty has eleven postgraduate programs, including a high diploma program in roads and airports in the civil engineering department, and ten programs for master’s study. Of these master studies, five programs are in the Department of Civil Engineering: Structures, Geotechnics, Roads and Transportation, Construction Materials and environmental engineering and two programs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering; Applied and Power, and a program in each of Material Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and electrical engineering. The faculty try to create more graduate programs that meet the needs of society, such as water resources engineering and hydraulic structures engineering in the water resources and engineering department, renewable energy engineering and others. The faculty also includes a leading research unit, which is the unit of nanotechnology and advanced materials.
The faculty is trying hard to provide services to all students and researchers by preparing the necessary requirements for the success of the scientific and educational process through providing the appropriate engineering laboratory infrastructure for its eight departments as well as the unit of nanotechnology and advanced materials that includes many laboratory devices serving various engineering disciplines in the faculty and other disciplines In the university. This was clearly evident through the assistance provided by these laboratories to postgraduate students and researchers from inside and outside the University of Kufa and private sector companies.
The Faculty of Engineering includes the Engineering Consulting Bureau that was founded in 1995 to provide scientific engineering consultancy services in various disciplines to state departments and the private sector through professors, teachers and engineers of the faculty who gained good experience through their work in the field of engineering work inside and outside the university.
The faculty hopes to contribute raising the rank of the University of Kufa and improving its position in the sober global academic scientific assessments by working to develop its curricula in various departments in a manner consistent with the steady engineering and technological development, and in line with what the engineering labor market demands in the country, to facilitate the process for graduate students to obtain Job opportunities in the public and private sectors, and encouraging them to create their own job opportunities through small engineering projects that are subject to growth and development.
The faculty also try to encourage researchers to publish their scientific research in international journals that are included in the global domains, especially Scopus and Clarfit, to raise the scientific level of research carried out by professors and researchers in the faculty.
The faculty publishes the Engineering Journal of Kufa, which is an engineering scientific journal specialized in publishing engineering research in various specialties and has a serial number (ISSN) within the internationally classified journals that it is going to be the first engineering journal in Iraq to enter this classifications.
Hopes for all professors, cadres, affiliates and students of the Faculty of Engineering to continue their success in their blessed endeavors to make this faculty a beacon and a platform for knowledge in the University of Kufa and provide services to the community in a way that contributes to its development reaching to an optimal value.