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Department of Architectural Engineering

About the department:
The Department of Architecture was established in 2018, within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kufa, to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering.
The vision and mission of the Department of Architecture:
Architecture is considered a logical science and art, and the factors of time, place and man are among its most important inputs. Thus, the architectural output is determined according to indicators based on the environment, heritage, and characteristics of local and Islamic architecture.
As for the department’s message, it can be summarized by preparing cadres of graduate architects according to scientific rules that enable them to practice the architectural profession in architectural and urban design, in planning cities and internal and external spaces, and preserving heritage and antiquities in accordance with scientific rules and methods. Accordingly, the objectives of the department can be defined as follows:
General objectives:
Establishing a base of scientific cadres in which the capabilities of creativity are available and the mind that absorbs the goals of the new Iraq transcends, and the graduate will be fully prepared to carry out the role required of him in building his country, through:
a- Strengthening ethical and patriotic concepts related to the nation’s heritage and its intellectual and societal specificity, and strengthening this heritage in the field of practice.
B – The ability to absorb global developments in architecture to enhance the spirit of innovation and renewal and to benefit from them in promoting Iraqi architectural values.
C- Strengthening the spirit of perseverance and continuing to develop the role of specialization through conducting research, scientific and field studies, and preparing to complete postgraduate studies (Masters and Ph.D.) to strengthen the information base.
Special Objectives:
1. Crystallizing the foundations of an Iraqi architectural school that emphasizes the necessity of drawing inspiration from the architectural heritage in Iraq in general and in the Najaf Governorate in particular within a sophisticated and contemporary concept with solid historical roots and consolidating it to serve the nation.
2. The goals of the new Iraq are a basis for understanding the intellectual orientation of the desired Iraqi architectural school, which extends its roots to a historical concept linked to the nation’s history, which requires a comprehensive understanding of historical data, and for the nation’s civilization to be a source for creating innovative and contemporary architecture with a modern and renewed intellectual discourse.
3. Consolidating an understanding of the local importance in the architectural constants that cover the physical environment (climate environment and natural environment) and the specificity of place in the general planning of the city, urban fabric, urban design and construction from its local materials and techniques and its relationship to the human scale in a single building and its gatherings.
4. Keeping abreast of advanced technologies in educational curricula and curricula, especially in the field of computers and advanced modern applications in the fields of drawing and architectural rendering, and developing students’ skills in this field.

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