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Department of Communication Engineering


The vision of the Electronic and Communication Engineering Department is to serve the local community, Al-Najaf province, and the whole country by adopting high academic standards in order to offer high quality education for all students. The EC engineering department is committed to providing highly trained and qualified teaching staff, high-end technology laboratories as well as very cooperative administration personnel that all provide seamless services. This helps our students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that enable them to build cutting-edge electronic and communication systems which in turn help to rebuild our country. The CE engineering department follows a path that is visionary, service-oriented, and ethical.


The mission of EC engineering department can be summarized in the following:
1.To introduce theory and practice of electronic and communication engineering.
2.To enhance the student ability to analyze and design electronic and communication hardware and software systems.
3.To train students in problem-solving fields.
4.To instill engineering ethical principles.
5.To enhance lifelong learning.
6.To teach students how to work in their local and global communities to confront the challenges of electronics and communications.
7.To teach students cutting-edge technologies in electronics and communications such as (VLSI, FPGA, OFDM, MIMO, CDMA).
8.To encourageteamwork approach in working on projects; this can be accomplished by encouraging students to work as team.

Aims and Objectives

1. Providing students with essential knowledge in electronic and communication engineering including analysis, design, and application of modern technologies.
2. Introducing our students to the values, principles, morals, and visions that will prepare them for lifelong learning together with the ability to deal with a broad spectrum of commercial, legal and ethical issues.
3. Preparing students for advanced studies in various areas of electronics and communications on a competitive universal basis.
4. Keeping up with latest advances in this field by the adoption of excellent curricula and programs.


Electronic and Communication engineering is concerned with the design and construction of electronic and communication devices and systems using efficient hardware, software, or mixed implementations. Its curriculum, up to date with international standard, focuses on the theories and practices of electrical engineering, mathematics, and computer and applying them to problems of designing electronic and communication devices and systems. Electronic and communication engineering students study the design of analogue and digital hardware devices that perform different tasks such as filtering, noise removal, image/audio processing, modulation, coding, control, etc. These devices can be parts of larger systems which comprise many of the aforementioned tasks as sub functions and in general perform complicated functions such as the latest Smartphone or tablet computer. EC engineers have a critical role to play in this process of making these products come to reality.

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