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Department of Electrical Engineering


The Department of Electrical Engineering seeks to prepare engineers who are specialized in the field of electrical engineering. Engineers who have mixed experience between the scientific theoretical and practical aspects and also have the ability to diagnose engineering problems and find solutions and alternatives for the benefit of the work.

Objectives :

The department aims to prepare and configure the engineers who are efficient, qualified and have the scientific competence in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The students are granted upon graduation a Bachelor certificate in the Science of Electrical Engineering. Graduated students can boost the scientific side in different aspects of life, whether in public or private sectors. Hence, the department is determined to produce qualified electrical engineers by emphasising on giving students integrated curriculum; theory that is subsidized by the practical application. The department also aims to graduate engineers who are qualified to work in different areas and branches of electrical engineering such as generation and distribution of electric power, in the field of telecommunications and antennas, in the field of engineering control and electronics and finally in the field of computer and software engineering . Another aim is to keep up with the worldwide development and exchange information and experience with internationally recognized universities and scientific institutions. Finally, the department also aim to contributing to the national industry sector and government institutions by helping in solving the problems and challenges they face by the preparation of studies and joint research.

Mission :

1 . Teaching students theoretical and practical aspects of electrical engineering.
2 . Developing the abilities of students in the field of analysis and design of electrical systems using specialized techniques.
3. Developing the student’s ability in solving problems.
4- Taking into account the ethics of the profession.
5- Encouraging students to continue learning after college.
6- Encouraging students on learning and practising the skills of teamwork.
7- Informing students about the latest developments in electrical engineering field.

About :

The Department of Electrical Engineering opened in 2002 and it started to accept the first batch of high school students ( scientific branch) of the school year ( 2002/2003 . The department was essentially founded in line with the continuous movement of scientific development.


Description of the academic program for the Department of Electrical Engineering ( Click here )

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