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Department of Civil Engineering

Vision :

The vision of the Civil Engineering Department is to serve the local community and the whole country by adopting high academic standards in order to offer high quality education for all students.

Mission :

The mission of Civil Engineering Department is to meet the needs of the society for civil engineers and providing scientific and economic solutions to the engineering problems by adopting academic researches about these problems.

Objectives :

1- Providing students with essential knowledge in civil engineering including design, analysis, managing the projects in civil engineering and using the application of modern technologies.
2- Developing teamwork skills for the graduated students.
3- Preparing and configuring the engineers who are efficient, qualified and have the scientific competence in the Civil Engineering.
4- Keeping up with the latest developments and innovations of the civil engineering technologies.
5- Making special connections with the giant companies and government, other academic institutions and scientific centers.

About :

The Civil Engineering Department was founded in 1993. It started with just fifty students. The Civil Department awards B.Sc. in civil engineering. The Civil Department awards M.Sc. in hydraulic structures.


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