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Department of Structures and Water Resources

Department Perspective :

In order to be the structures and water resources department in the level of approached departments in the staid universities, spatially in the advance countries.

Department Massage :

Producing specialize engineering cadres in the field of engineering water resources and hydraulic structures.

Department Aims :

Accord the community and contribution in projects execution, offering scientific advisory, participation in solving currently problems, spatially in the field of water wealth deficient.
Prepare qualified cadres to achieve researches in water wealth and hydraulic structures development, which accord with university regulations.

Department Background :

Structures and water resources department have been opening in 2008 and admitted students in studding year (2008-2009), where the department target is to produce specialized engineering cadres which consent the community requirements and to active efficiency in water resources and hydraulic structures projects execution which Iraq become in need to implement such projects. The department has granting a bachelor certificate in structures and water resources engineering scientist. The department has merging (26) teaching staff members, (3) engineers, and (1) executor cadre.


Description of the academic program for the Department of Structures and Water Resources Engineering ( Click here )

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