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Department of Materials Engineering

Vision :

Department of Materials Engineering trying to achieve excellence in the field of engineering education, scientific research and community service and cooperation with various engineering locally and internationally in the field of competence of Materials Engineering.

Mission :

First :
The Department of Materials Engineering graduation engineers have the ability to innovate and to deal with the developments of the times in the specialty engineering materials in order to meet the needs of society in the private sector or the public sector, through the creation of appropriate conditions.
Development scientific and practical skills of students and faculty members to carry out their duties towards the community, and to provide the necessary programs in the different levels of students and continuing education, as well as to contribute to community service through the provision of consulting engineering.
Second :
Specialized engineering staff numbers scientifically competent and qualified in the jurisdiction of Materials Engineering to meet the needs of the national industry and institutions related to these cadres.
Third :
Keep up the process of development and modernization of information and expand contacts with universities and the Arab and Islamic institutions and to keep up with foreign scientific and technological development at the global level.
Fourth :
Contributing with industry and other state institutions and the private sector in solving the problems encountered in the fields of industrial research work and the preparation of participation and this is what creates the right atmosphere for continuous interaction between the department and institutions to contribute to the industrial development plans and ages of the country.

Objectives :

The department’s graduate will be able to:
1. Distinguish, identify, and solve the engineering problems by applying the basics of engineering materials in terms of design, manufacture and selection of materials, which include metallic, ceramic, polymeric and composite materials.
2. Conducting and applying appropriate measurements and tests with quality assurance, analyzing and interpreting results, and making use of engineering judgment to make conclusions and examine engineering materials destructively and non-destructively.
3. Characterization of engineering materials with their microscopic, mechanical, thermal, magnetic, chemical, electrical, and optical properties.
4. Skillful communication with industrial establishments, specialists and writing at various administrative levels.
5. Understand and apply the principles of economic knowledge in the engineering field while recognizing the continuing necessity for the growth of professional knowledge and how to properly find, evaluate, accumulate, and apply it.
6.Work appropriately in teams, set goals and plan activities, recognize ethical and professional responsibilities in engineering issues and make judgments regarding the consequences of financial, environmental and societal considerations worldwide.

About :

Material engineering department has been opened in academic year (2007 – 2008), it is one of the modern departments in the college, which means primarily the combination of science and technology specifications for the manufacture of materials with specification and shapes to suit the required applications of these materials, including metals, ceramics, polymers and composites that were used in several areas such as communications, electronics, energy, environment, medicine and health, nanotechnology and biotechnology. The department accepted students in the academic year of (2007 – 2008), also the department aims to prepare engineering staff needed to meet the engineering community in the implementation of development projects and reconstruction in the different industrial sectors.


Graduate Outcomes

The graduate outcomes received by the Iraqi Council for Engineering Education, as follows:
1. An ability to distinguish, identify, define, formulate, and solve engineering problems by applying principles of engineering, science and mathematics.
2. An ability to produce engineering designs that meet desired needs within certain constraints by applying both analysis and synthesis in the design process.
3. An ability to create and carry out proper measurement and tests with quality assurance, analyze and interpret results, and utilize engineering judgment to make inferences.
4. An ability to skillfully communicate orally with a gathering of people and in writing with various managerial levels.
5. An ability to perceive ethical and professional responsibilities in engineering cases and make brilliant judgments taking into account the consequences in worldwide financial, ecological and societal considerations.
6. An ability to perceive the continual necessity for professional knowledge growth and how to find, assess, assemble and apply it properly.
7. An ability to work adequately on teams and to set up objectives, plan activities, meet due dates, and manage risk and uncertainty

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