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Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Kufa has the vision to become a nationally and internationally renowned centre of excellence in mechanical engineering education, research, and innovation.


The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department is to arm students with knowledge for lifelong practice in mechanical engineering and related disciplines. Also, the department is committed to prepare the tomorrow leaders, innovators, and team-workers enabling them to make positive impacts on society. This includes preparation for immediate employment or for engagement in post-graduate programs. In addition, the department maintains distinguished academic programs that motivates faculty members to pursue research excellence by acquiring external funding, participating in international research teams, and engaging students in their research projects.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the Bachelor of Science in the Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc. ME.):

The Mechanical Engineering Department adopts the following Program Educational Objectives:
1.Produce mechanical engineers with technical capabilities. To achieve this objective, the program is established to produce mechanical engineers who have the:
a.fundamental knowledge of state-of-the-art and evolving areas related to the mechanical engineering field,
b.ability to design and conduct experiments, analyse data, and utilize statistical methods,
c.ability to solve open-ended design problems,
d.ability to use modern computational techniques to solve engineering problems,
e.ability to mathematically model and analyse engineering systems.
2.Prepare mechanical engineers to have effective work-place skills. To achieve this objective, the program is established to produce mechanical engineers who:
a.have skills of oral and written presentation of technical information,
b.have knowledge of engineering management sciences,
c.can work on a multi-disciplinary team with peers,
d.are motivated to pursue lifelong learning.
3.Instil the responsibility sense in the graduates as professional members of society. To achieve this objective, the program is established to produce mechanical engineers who:
a.are committed to professional and ethical behaviour in the workplace,
b.have awareness of world affairs and cultures,
c.sense the impact of engineering on local and global societies,
d.seek professional licensure.


The mechanical Engineering Department in Faculty of Engineering /Kufa University established at 1994 and started received the students in academic year of 1995-1996 with accepted about (81) students while the evening study started at 1997-1998 with accepted about (39) students. Now days the number of student in mechanical engineering department about (400) students for year 2012-2013. The post graduate started in the department at study year of 1999-2000 in two fields of mechanical engineering as power and applied mechanics, till year 2005-2006. The mechanical Engineering department gives the bachelor in general mechanical engineering.

Program Specification:

The programme will give the students the ability to:
1.comprehend the fundamental concepts of what is perhaps the most general of the engineering disciplines. It involves machinery and manufacture, the effective utilization of mechanisms with acceptable limits of vibrations and stresses, energy utilization with minimal impact on the environment, and refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
2.acquire the ability to utilize critical, analytical, and practical skills to comprehend and implement the core subject areas of solid mechanics, thermofluids (thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer), materials, design, manufacture, and computing, along with supplementary subjects in electronics and mathematics.
3.specialise, in the final two years, by selecting either the GENERAL Mechanical Engineering Branch or Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Branch. Each branch has a wide range of subjects that are led by active researchers in the field, thus ensuring state of the art knowledge, which guarantees the gain of the latest and most advanced knowledge.
4.Grasp the issues related to business matters in engineering like finance, law, marketing, cost, risk, and management.
5.understand the obligations of mechanical engineers towards society and to manage concerns related to areas such as environmental protection, health, and safety.
6.have opportunities to attend industrial seminars and visits.
7.develop intrinsic skills like the independent study, practical, team working and communication skills.
be prepared for jobs in various fields of engineering and to attain recognition as Chartered Engineers, or to pursue postgraduate degrees.

Description of the academic program for the Department of Mechanical Engineering ( Click here )



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