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Faculty of Engineering Research Team Publishes Scientific Research

A collaborative research effort led by esteemed professors Dr. Muhammad Faleh Hassan, Dr. Bahaa Qasim Muhammad, and Dr. Ali Kazem Jaber from the Department of Electronic and Communications Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kufa has yielded a groundbreaking scientific research paper, titled “Innovative Fitness Functions for Robust Energy Management in Wireless Sensor Networks”. This research has been published in the Journal of Network and Systems Management, affiliated with the renowned International Publishing House, Springer Nature. Notably, this journal falls within the prestigious Scopus Q2 category with an impact factor of 3.6.
This research delves into the development of a suite of novel tools designed to compare and control energy consumption in internet networks. An essential contribution of this study is the introduction of the Balanced and Distributed Assembly Protocol (OEBDC) for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The OEBDC protocol leverages innovative fitness functions to significantly enhance energy resource management, thereby extending the operational lifespan of the network. These proposed tools can seamlessly integrate with existing WSN protocols, offering adaptable energy-resource management solutions tailored to specific application requirements.
To gauge the effectiveness of the OEBDC protocol, extensive performance evaluations were conducted and compared with those of other WSNs protocols. These evaluations demonstrate the remarkable capability of OEBDC to extend the network’s lifespan while exhibiting precise and organized control over energy resource management.

For more detailed insights into this groundbreaking research, you can access the full article via the following link: [Innovative Fitness Functions for Robust Energy Management in WSNs] (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/S10922-023-09768-7).

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