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The Faculty of Engineering hosts a Workshop on Solar Tracking Systems

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering hosted a “Solar Tracking Systems” workshop presented by Mr. Karar Jassem Ramadan.
The workshop aimed to utilize solar tracking systems and their effects on solar collector arrays. Solar collector arrays are devices that convert solar radiation into heat or electricity. Solar tracking systems, which continuously adjust the orientation of the collectors toward the sun, play an essential role in increasing energy production. There are two main types of solar tracking devices: single-axis and dual-axis trackers.
The workshop also compares the costs of photovoltaic solar panels and concentrated solar power (CSP) systems. Photovoltaic solar panels are known for their standardized design and versatility of applications, whereas CSP systems offer higher efficiency and potential for large-scale power generation. Considering costs, maintenance, and geographical suitability is essential when choosing between these technologies.
By understanding solar tracking systems and the diverse applications of solar collector arrays, we can improve solar energy utilization and contribute to a sustainable future.

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