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Symposium on Immunizing Individuals from Electronic Extortion

An educational seminar titled “Immunizing the individual from falling into the trap of electronic extortion” was organized by the Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit in the faculty in collaboration with the Security Permits Department at the university on Monday, March 13, 2023. The symposium was attended by several lecturers and students of the faculty, along with the administrative assistant, Dr. Ammar Al-Shawki.
The seminar included two sections. The first section was on cybersecurity and was presented by Dr. Muhammad Hassan Sahib, while the second section was presented by Dr. Kadhem Abdul Razzaq Jawad and focused on electronic extortion from a legal standpoint. The lecturers covered topics such as defining electronic extortion, its risks, causes, and types, the legal and social repercussions of the crime and the laws and penalties in place to prevent it. They also discussed the danger of electronic rumors and emphasized the importance of raising social, legal, and technical awareness to prevent electronic extortion.
Furthermore, the seminar shed light on Islam’s perspective on the impact of rumors of immorality and tracing the faults of others on the family and society’s destruction. The lecturers explained preventive measures to secure personal accounts on social networking sites, the reasons behind hacking personal accounts, methods of immunization from the dangers of extortion, and how to deal with cases of electronic extortion.
The symposium also addressed the importance of being cautious when using social media and avoiding falling into the traps of weak-minded people and blackmailers. The speakers recommended spreading awareness and educating the public on the correct use of social media to prevent electronic extortion. They also urged citizens to report cases of electronic extortion to the community police hotline (131) at any time.

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