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Symposium on Detecting and Preventing Drug Scourge

As part of their scientific plan, the Faculty of Engineering, under the guidance of the University of Kufa’s President, Prof. Dr. Yasser Lafta Hassoun, and the supervision of the Faculty’s Dean, Prof. Dr. Hasan Mahdi, organized a symposium entitled “Drug Scourge: Detection, Prevention, and Treatment.” The event was held in collaboration with the University’s Division of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance and the Red Crescent Society in Najaf.
Dr. Hasan Fahem Hamad from the Red Crescent Society in Najaf delivered a lecture on drugs, their various types, forms, chemical composition, and their adverse effects on the body’s vital organs. He also discussed the legal consequences for those who promote and use drugs and ways to prevent individuals from falling prey to drugs and their promoters. The lecture also explained drug control and addiction, with a representative from the National Security Directorate in attendance.
The faculty’s staff and students attended the symposium, including the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Ammar Al-Shawki. Dr. Ahlam Khudair Razzaq, responsible for psychological counseling and educational guidance in the faculty, emphasized the importance of reducing the spread of drug abuse in society, especially in their community. This goal will be achieved through continuous seminars and workshops in various fields in partnership with relevant authorities.
The symposium concluded with several recommendations, including the need to enhance the family’s role in guiding their children and monitoring their behavior according to the societal values of the community to prevent drug addiction.

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