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The Faculty of Engineering joins the Second International Exhibition in Najaf

The University of Kufa’s Faculty of Engineering participated in the second international exhibition, which focused on building, construction, investment, solar energy, information and communication technology, and banking. Held at the Najaf International Exhibition Hall, the event showcased the Departments of Architecture and Communications Engineering and their various works with accompanying faculty members. Students were given a tour of the exhibition and its productions, which included different building materials, architectural works, and electronic designs for Communications Engineering students.
The Faculty of Engineering’s pavilion was visited by the Governor of Najaf, Dr. Majid Al-Waeli, who praised the faculty for providing services to the community, particularly in engineering consultancy. He was accompanied by several personalities, business owners, and the director of Tehran Municipality from the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian official expressed amazement at the students’ designs and works, recognizing their contribution to developing the country’s infrastructure.
The Faculty of Engineering’s pavilion received extensive media coverage from several satellite channels at the exhibition. The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Hasan Mahdi Al-Khateeb, emphasized the importance of supporting and developing student projects that provide appropriate solutions to the problems facing citizens and society. In light of the world’s rapid advancement in electronic services, digital technology, and modern architectural designs, the faculty seeks to prepare its students for these developments.

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