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A Lecturer from the Faculty of Engineering at University of Kufa is awarded a Doctor of Philosophy

The lecturer from the Faculty of Engineering at University of Kufa, Dr. Hassan Hadi Mahdi, received a doctorate degree in civil engineering sciences for his thesis entitled: “3D Modelling of Groundwater Flow of The Aquifers System in Iraq”. This study accomplished building a three-dimensional conceptual model for groundwater flow within the conditions of the steady state of the upper scope of the reservoir system in Iraq using the MODFLOW package integrated with the Groundwater Modeling Program (GMS) to simulate groundwater movement and flow directions in addition to calculating the water balance and for all hydrological properties in conditions Current and future conditions due to the impact of climate change.
The researcher indicated the use of the water balance method to calculate the groundwater recharge for each governorate in Iraq and used the completion methods (IDW and Kriging) to generate the groundwater recharge values and the hydraulic connection of points with a number of 21277 distributed over the total area of the study area. The evaluation of the calibration of the fixed-state model was highly restricted by monitoring the properties of measured and calculated groundwater aquifers. As for the calibration of the model, it was done by applying the Transaction Estimation Tool (PEST). Conformity with the standardized model was achieved and the correlation coefficient was R2 = 90.91%. The study area model was applied using several scenarios to simulate and predict the behavior of groundwater flow for the next 31 years (2020-2050) under the expected future conditions of climate change where the RCP4.5 model was used to predict the precipitation and temperature for this period.

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