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Dean’s speech
At the first of all The faculty of Engineering welcomes the newly admitted students for the academic year 2018/2019 within its eight departments (civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering, engineering of hydraulic structures and water resources, electronic engineering and communications, architecture, chemical engineering) We wish them success and they start their serious quest to receive engineering sciences both according to its competence of qualified professors with advanced scientific and research capabilities able to deliver their students to the fields of knowledge that concern their engineering specialties.
The Faculty of Engineering is one of the leading colleges in the University of Kufa. It was established in 1993 and its students began to be accepted from the 1993/1994 academic year in the Civil Engineering Department at first. The other departments were opened up to eight departments this year by establishing the new departments of (Architecture and Chemical Engineering)
The Faculty of engineering strives to provide services to all students and researchers through the provision of the necessary supplies for the success of the educational process by trying to provide the infrastructure and laboratory engineering appropriate to the eight departments in addition to the Nanotechnology Unit and advanced materials, which includes many laboratory devices that serve various engineering disciplines in the college and other disciplines in The university as well as other laboratories of the other departments in the Faculty, and this was clearly evident through the assistance of these laboratories to graduate students and researchers from inside and outside the University of Kufa and companies sector For private.
The Faculty of Engineering has an engineering consultant bureau which was opened in 1995. The bureau provides scientific engineering consultancy services in various disciplines to the government sector and the private sector through the faculty cadres of professors, teachers and engineers who have acquired good experience through their work in the field of engineering work inside and outside the university.
The faculty hopes to contribute to raising the name of the University of Kufa and improve its position in the scientific world scientific qualifications by working on the development of curricula in various sections to suit the engineering and technological development, and in line with what the country’s engineering labor market demands to facilitate the process of graduate students Create employment opportunities in the public and private sectors and encourage them to create their own jobs through small engineering projects that can grow and develop.
The faculty also seeks to encourage researchers to publish their scientific research in the international journals, which are included in the Scopus and Clarevette containers (Thompson-Reuters previously) to raise the scientific level of research carried out by professors and researchers at the faculty.
The faculty publishes a scientific engineering journal specialized in publishing engineering researches in various disciplines under the name of (Kufa Journal of Engineering), It has a serial number (ISSN) in the world-ranked journals. The journal‘s management is currently trying to enter the Scopus containers to raise the value of the journal locally and internationally and been the first engineering journal in Iraq which enter this classification.
Finally, I wish all teachers, cadres, faculty members and students of the Faculty of Engineering the opportunity to succeed in their blessed endeavors to make this faculty as place and a platform for engineering science in the University of Kufa and provide services to the community in order to contribute to its development and access to optimal value.
God is the conciliator