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The University of Kufa holds the scientific exhibition and graduation projects conference of students of the Faculty of Engineering

The College of Engineering / University of Kufa believes that the academic aspect should be intertwined with the practical aspect to solving the obstacles facing the state institutions and the private sector, and to gain the best  job opportunities for the graduates, the Department of Electronic and Communications Engineering will …

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University of Kufa publishes a scientific paper in the British Journal of Materials Engineering Research

HOD of Engineering of Medical Materials Dr. Ali Saba Hamoud has published a joint scientific paper entitled: Evaluation of the Effect of Hydroxy Epitite-Ketosan Coating on the Corrosion Behavior of Stainless Steel 2205 for Medical Applications The journal (Materials Research Journal) is specialized in material engineering research, and included within …

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University of Kufa won the first prize in the contest of Al-kafeel youths for scientific creativity

The Faculty of Engineering /University of Kufa won the first prize in the contest of Al-kafeel youths for scientific creativity, the contest concerns the outcomes and projects of both Iraqi universities and institutes’s students of medical and engineering specialties, which was sponsored by the general secretary of ABBASID HOLLY SHRINE …

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A Master thesis in University of Kufa on strengthening the bent of the continuous reinforced concrete cantilevers

A master degree discussion session to the candidate Haidar Mardan Abdul Zaid held in the University of Kufa/Department of Civil Engineering, the thesis entitled Reinforcing the bents of the reinforced concrete cantilevers by using the embedded steel rods near the surface of the concrete The thesis dealt with a experimental …

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A Master Thesis at the University of Kufa earned a novel patent on the development of new hydrogels from nano starch crystals to control drug release and treatment of cancer

A master’s degree discussion session was held at the Faculty of Engineering/University of Kuf, the thesis entitled New development of hydrogels from nano starch crystals nanoparticles / gum Arabic glue to control drug release and cancer treatment: preparation and characterization The master’s degree candidte “Mona Mohamed Rida Mohammed Jafar” from …

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University of Kufa holds a workshop for undergraduate students about the Matlab program and its uses for renewable energy systems

The Faculty of Engineering / University of Kufa held a scientific workshop, which included presentations of the submitted research by the Department of Mechanical Engineering students whom supervised by Mohamed Hussein Ali. The presentations focused on the simulation using the program of Matlab for renewable energy systems such as solar …

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