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The Importance of Physics to Civil Engineering

Imad Ali Al-Helaly Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering Introduction: Physics is one of the broadest, deepest and most closely related human sciences to nature. It has accompanied human thinking since ancient civilizations, where intellectuals have tried to explain natural phenomena seen and try to know their causes and …

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Eco-friendly concretes: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)

Rana Hamid Shabbar Sustainability is a method which is used to develop the human life using natural resources. The essential aspects of the sustainability are environmental, social and economic. Consequently many researchers tried to use suitable materials with new technics to expand the sustainability concept. In addition, decrease the carbonation …

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Electronic Pollution And Its Harmful Effects On The Environment

م. رسل علي عبد الواحد Introduction             The issue of pollution of the environment how to reduce it has become more concerned for humanity today, The deterioration caused by irresponsible human behavior began effects manifested through climatic, environmental and health problems that began to appear from the global warming to …

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Dangers and Challenges of Water Scarcity

By: Dr. Fadhel Abdulabbas Hassan PhD. Waters and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Perhaps the most significant challenge facing humanity and human life in general is the climate changes witnessed by the atmosphere of the earth during the last two decades and the main concern of the relevant international organizations and research …

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Intelligent Compaction

Asst. Prof. Dr. Tawfek Aamir Jawad Sheer Ali Introduction: Soil compaction is one of the most important processes in constructing buildings or roads to get the best performance possible for long-term use. Compacting the layers below the structure or road well gives them the strength and rigidity to withstand loads …

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Fiber Reinforced Concrete

By Asst. prof. Dr. Qasim M. Shakir University of Kufa/Faculty of Engineering e-mail: [email protected] Definition Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is Concrete made of Cement, aggregates, non-continuous fibers that distributed randomly in all directions during the concrete mass, Fig. 1. In order to improve the mixing workability of concrete, superplasticizers are …

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