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Scientific activities

Faculty of Engineering in cooperation with the Center for Training and follow-up graduates assess the effectiveness of the design day

Under the auspices of the President of the University Prof.Dr Muhsin A.Al-Dhalimy and under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Asst.Prof.Dr.Ali Sadiq Yasir in cooperation with the Center for the follow-up of graduates at the University of Kufa, the Faculty of Engineering organized and the exhibition …

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University of Kufa Participates in United Nations Workshop on the Environment to Implement Ozone Projects in Iraq

Towards a functional approach to the development of social responsibility, and to explain the role of university education in the development and development of society and expand its knowledge and cultural horizons. Through the contribution of its institutions to achieve the goals related to education in addition to community service, …

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Asst. prof. Dr. Qasim M. Shakir University of Kufa/Faculty of Engineering e-mail:[email protected] 1-Definition Recycling: is the process of separating wastes after collection Then processing of which are recyclable and converting it into new products. The relevant institutions have developed three waste management facilities as shown in Fig. (1); minimizing waste …

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The University of Kufa holds the scientific exhibition and graduation projects conference of students of the Faculty of Engineering

The College of Engineering / University of Kufa believes that the academic aspect should be intertwined with the practical aspect to solving the obstacles facing the state institutions and the private sector, and to gain the best  job opportunities for the graduates, the Department of Electronic and Communications Engineering will …

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Green Schools

By Asst. prof. Dr. Qasim M. Shakir University of Kufa/Faculty of Engineering e-mail:[email protected]   Introduction Green School, which is also known as “Eco-School”, is the educational institution whose environment is compatible with many of the recommendations of international agreements, including the Kyoto Protocol on the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. …

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