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University of Kufa participates in Fay Conference for Science and Innovation with Applied Projects to Serve the Community

A youth delegation from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kufa participated in the Faye Conference for Applied Scientific Research and Innovation 2019, held at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre – the Dead Sea in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, organized by Phi Science Institute in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Youth, which started its work on the 5th and 6th of August. The conference focused on the participation of those interested in all fields of science by hosting more than 60 speakers in more than 40 scientific fields and the presence and participation of more than 1000 young men and women who seek science and innovation. The Faculty of Engineering participated with a distinguished delegation as a representative of the University and the Najaf Governorate composed of two graduates: Ali Imad Abboud and Ajam Laith Salim, who have been nominated by a technical committee in the Ministry of Youth and Sports in addition to 36 participants from different Governorates of Iraq.
Our graduates said that this conference is an annual gathering of Arab youth aiming to create an Arab scientific revolution and a new renaissance in scientific research and innovation, as it addresses important topics of innovation and how young people can integrate themselves in applied innovative opportunities and use them in available opportunities, with the aim of seeking to adopt projects to enable the youth towards global leadership, creating joint work opportunities, adopting projects through scientific research and providing effective communication platforms for joint youth work.
It is worth mentioning that the conference focused on several important aspects distributed over several sessions, including: Special sessions chaired by international Arab scientists, which presented the most important issues, challenges and opportunities of scientific great in our time, and the session of scientific topics, which is a group of workshops specialized in how scientific research works and methodology. Another session concerned the discussion forums, which were four to discuss various topics related to networks and cooperation between the fields of science and scientific research, while another session focused on the subject of Phi Competition for Scientific Research and Innovation where the elite of the contestants will be able to complete their research and studies in addition to receiving financial support to enable them to apply their ideas on the real. The sixth session was a platform for young Arab scientists to talk about their creations and successes to inspire young people. The conference included a science fair to showcase real and realistic projects and to give hope to those who want to see their ideas and creations on the real.

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