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The University of Kufa writes an Article about the Exercise of Sport

Instructor of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Kufa, Dr. Mohammed Shaker Al-Shakerchy wrote an article entitled:
“The Need for Exercise of Sport … But”
Dr. Shakerchy explained in his article that the exercise of sport activities at all levels has a prominent impact on the physical health of the human, pointing out the obstacles that display this exercise in Iraq in general and in Najaf in particular, and its direct impact on the ability to carry out any physical activity, namely height severe temperatures and air pollution due to dust rising due to dust storms. He stressed on finding alternative solutions to exercise, including constructing of closed sport halls, and thinking about the establishment of green halls, which maintain the rationalization of energy through the preservation of internal heat in addition to the use of solar energy to provide energy for such facilities, as the deployment of green spaces and suitable plants help on changing the state of the atmosphere. On the one hand, it reduces the temperature, on the other hand, it stabilizes the soil and prevents it from local volatilization.

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