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A member of Faculty of Engineering participates in the University of Qadisiyah Conference

Assistant Professor Dr. Khawla Hamoudi Hassan, one of the lecturer of the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Kufa, participated in the conference organized by the University of Qadisiyah / Faculty of Engineering in collaboration with a number of engineering and commercial institution by her research entitled:
Using Waste Asphalt Concrete (WAC) for Improving Poorly sandy
Graded (PSG) Subgrade Soil
The main objective of this research is to study the effect of recycling waste asphalt on low grade sandy soil properties. Various percentages of reclaimed asphalt were added to the sandy soils for the purpose of calculating the modified Procter test of the soil.
The researcher pointed out that the results showed that the addition of recycled asphalt concrete increases dry density at different rates. While the optimum water content decreases with increased recycled asphalt concrete. Direct cutting of soil increases cohesion while the internal friction angle decreases with the increase of recycled asphalt concrete and increases soil tolerance values (CBR) by increasing the added recycled asphalt cement.
The scientific committee at the conference presented two certificates to Dr. Khawla, the first to participate in the research and the other to review three scientific research was participating in the same conference

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