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Members of the Faculty of Engineering participate in the Antalya Conference/ Turkey

Lecturer Jumana Hadi Sahib, Assistant Professor Dr. Zeinab Hassan Abdul Abbas and Assistant Professor Dr. Khawla Hamoudi Hassan in collaboration with Eng. Sajjad Hashim Mohammad participate in Antalya scientific conference that held in Turkey, in collaboration with the University of Tikrit and sponsored by the ISNRA International Foundation, with researches entitled:
• Prediction the Manning’s Coefficient by HEC-Ras for Al-Meshkab River
By Lecturer Jumana Hadi Sahib, in which she stated that the channel rough characteristics, which directly affect the accounts of open channels. The results were verified by mathematical model constructed using the HEC-RAS program by applying the study to a practical case study.
• Enhancing Sustainable Concrete Properties by Green Vegetal Substance
By the assistant professor Dr. Zeinab Hassan Abdul Abbas, who addressed the improvement of the properties of concrete, which contain plastic and metal residues at rates of 20-25% of the total volume of gravel.
• Some Mechanical Properties of Cement Treated Base (CTB) incorporating waste Portland Cement Concrete under Different Corresponding Conditions
By the Assistant Professor Dr. Khawla Hamoudi Hassan, which dealt with the effect of adding broken concrete parts to soil cemented under the influence of a number of laboratory factors.

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