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The Committee of Deans of Faculties of Engineering of Iraqi Universities holds its first virtual session for the 2020/2021 academic year

The Committee of Deans of the Faculties of Engineering throughout Iraq held its first periodic meeting for the academic year 2020/2021, by default, on Saturday 10/17/2020, and it was attended by the Dean of the College of Engineering, University of Kufa, Assistant Professor Dr. Hassan Mahdi Al-Khatib.
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has directed to re-work the Committee of Deans of Faculties according to the specializations to work with two basic functions: advisory and coordination, while the advisory is by providing the advisory opinion on the scientific and educational aspects to the Ministry’s office formations such as the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up and the Research and Development Department as well as the supervisory body And the scientific calendar. As for the coordination aspect, it will be in the field of coordinating joint work between colleges of engineering throughout Iraq, especially in aspects related to academic curricula, developing primary and higher study programs, coordinating the efforts of engineering faculties for the success of integrated education, and expressing opinions on scientific clearing and student transfer between colleges of engineering and other scientific and educational affairs, including It helps to improve the scientific and educational process, create a stimulating and supportive environment for excellence and innovation in scientific research, support professional controls, develop human resources, spread scientific culture in society, and enhance the culture of scientific research among students, which would contribute to developing higher education in Iraq in general and for colleges Especially engineering.
Al-Khatib expressed his wishes for success and continued development and success for the work of the Deans Committee of the Faculties of Engineering to serve the scientific and educational movement in Iraq, indicating that several matters related to the Faculties of Engineering and Engineering Education in Iraq were discussed, including a review of the committee’s work and its tasks, as well as expressing an opinion on a group Among the topics included in the meeting’s agenda are overtures received from the Studies, Planning and Follow-up Department, the Research and Development Department, the Supervision and Scientific Assessment Agency, the Private University Education Department and the University of Qadisiyah. After discussing the topics, themes and vocabulary of the meeting’s agenda, appropriate answers and measures were reached on these topics.

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