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The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kufa organizes a virtual workshop on the curriculum system and the role of the supervisor or course

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kufa organized a virtual workshop entitled: “The role of the course supervisor (coordinator) and the scientific advisor in the curriculum system” delivered by the head of the civil engineering department at the faculty, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abbas Hasan Al-Jumaili, at the Free Conference Call program. Al-Jumaili informed those present with it on the definitions and terms of the curriculum system and clarify it, which included the study program that includes the set of courses that the student learns and acquires skills through, and the required study units for each course within the program required by the student to enter it and the paved courses and complementary courses that he enters after the student’s success in the facilitator course and the compulsory and elective courses he takes during the study period. Students in the curriculum system learn university and knowledge requirements that serve the community.
Al-Jumaili pointed out that the tasks of the scientific department are to prepare and announce instructions for students, scientific supervisors, and course instructors to clarify the registration mechanism for the courses and update them quarterly, identify a supervisor or coordinator of the course, announce the academic departments and professors for each course and distribute them to supervisors. The course is canceled if the number of registered students is less than 8 students at the end of the specified period (this paragraph has been suspended for the current year) and students are notified of registration on another course to be added to the list. Adding that the course coordinator is named from the oldest scientific titles and experienced from a group of instructors of the course appointed to be the course supervisor and to be responsible for overseeing the design, implementation, and evaluation of the course. The moderator may be the teacher of the course itself. The course instructor also provides a guiding study plan that includes a course description, learning objectives and outputs for the course, and the distribution of course topics to the course weeks.
Al-Jumaili explained that the scientific guide who the department designates to be a supervisor and guide for a group of students to perform the process of registering students on compulsory and optional courses within the list of open courses at that level and according to special registration forms and directs them to choose the optional course that aims to serve the community and within the ability of the student appointed within the list of optional courses, The scientific advisor also provides the minutes of the department with all the meetings that the counselor undertakes with the students and informs the department about them.

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