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The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kufa holds a seminar on environmental engineering and its application in the field of education

Within the activities of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kufa, holding discussion seminars for faculty members in covering topics of scientific and educational importance, and given the importance of advancing the local and national environmental reality in challenging various environmental problems, especially what was reflected in the field of infrastructure services, the Civil Engineering Department held a seminar entitled: “Field and curriculum for education and application of the Environmental Engineering”.
The faculty dean, Assistant Professor Dr. Hasan Mahdi Al-Khateeb, reviewed the field of environmental engineering specialization and its educational curricula at the level of primary and higher university studies according to Iraqi and international universities, indicating the size and aspects of the interface of environmental engineering with other engineering disciplines and other scientific disciplines, as well as areas of environmental engineering application in solving environmental problems, including the problems of the local visible infrastructure, and planning and strategic problems in this regard.
Al-Khateeb included the comprehensiveness of the environmental engineering competence and the size of its interaction with other engineering specializations such as health engineering, water resources engineering, hydraulic installations engineering, geotechnical engineering, and structural engineering within the field of civil engineering, as well as other engineering departments such as chemical, mechanical, electrical, and architectural, as well as other sciences such as chemistry, physics, and sciences Life, weather, community medicine and more. The seminar was attended by the head of the Civil Engineering Department and a group of faculty members in the department, and the curricula for this specialization were discussed on the curriculum system and the size of its overlap with the decisions of the Civil Engineering Department with the presentation of some visions to develop those curricula. The attendees also presented some environmental problems in the Najaf governorate, especially those related to infrastructure services, and the lecturer answered them by explaining the remedies that he voluntarily submitted to the Najaf governorate through the Council for the Protection and Improvement of the Environment in the Najaf governorate to find its way to implementation in a way that clearly reflects part of the efforts of the University of Kufa in providing scientific solutions to societal problems, including environmental problems associated with infrastructure services.

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