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A Lecturer from the Faculty of Engineering at University of Kufa, a Member of the Master Discussion Committee

The lecturer from the College of Engineering at University of Kufa, Assistant Professor Dr. Hamid Athab Al-Jameel, was chosen as a member in the discussion of the master’s thesis entitled: Evaluate and analyze vehicle demand for parking lots for most of the commercial activity area within the city of Hilla, for the student Muhannad Jawad Kadhim from the University of Technology.
Al-Jameel explained that the thesis aims to determine the main characteristics of parking lots in the central part of the city of Hilla during a survey of cars. This area was photographed based on some previous studies conducted in the city of Hilla.
The student mentioned the behavior of four types of parking surveys between October 2018 and May 2019. These surveys were the survey of car supplies (inventory), the number of parking accumulations, the license plate survey, and the parking survey.
Through these characteristics, the study identified the main parking problems in the study area. It was found that about 68.5% of the total car parks illegally park their cars and that the extra spaces are being carried over their capacity during the survey period. The study also revealed that there is no balance between display and parking in many places in the study area, either because of a lack of parking spaces or incorrect distribution of these places. The study also revealed all the characteristics related to the duration of parking and the use of parking, the type of parking and parking fees, occupancy rate and parking load, efficiency and purpose of the trip, as well as achieving very important results related to the location and extent of the demand for parking.

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