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University of Kufa organizes workshops for graduate students

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kufa organized seminars for graduate students in the departments of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, where students presented scientific seminars within the subject of research methodology, which is one of the subjects in graduate studies.
The curriculum of this article included the preparation of scientific research based on the correct scientific basis for the preparation of research in terms of defining the problem of research and its objectives and justifications and materials involved in the implementation of the research and methods of measurement and examination and the rest of the scientific and applied steps of the research work program, as well as the method of presentation and analysis of results and draw conclusions and recommendations In achieving the objectives of the research, it also includes conducting a similarity of the research body with the scientific results published globally to avoid falling fraud in terms of textual citation as well as students practice the method of writing a master’s thesis and tabulation and sound reference Sources and the acquisition of skills and diction to deliver the idea of seeking to attend

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